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Site of the CUNZIE HOUSE or MINT Site of The Mint
Site of The Mint
Site of The Mint
Mr Waldie Bookseller Linlithgow
Mr Brockley Linlithgow
Mr Henderson Town ClerKs Office Linlithgow
001 [Situation] S.W. [South West] Corner of "The Cross" joining High Street
Here stood the Mint or as it is Commonly Called the "Cunzie House". It has disappeared Many Years Ago And A Modern dwelling-house with Shops Now occupies the Spot. In Making Some Alteration here a few years ago, two Ancient Crucibles were found. The Silver found at Hilderston Was Coined here; A Number of the Coins Still Exist in Various Collections - This Spot is well Known in Linlithgow as the Site of "The Mint" And it gives the Name of CunzieneuK to the N.W [North West] Corner of the Square.

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Town of Linlithgow -- Sheet 1 Trace No. 4

From the traditions in Edinburgh and in
Linlithgow it appears that the Scotch name
for the Mint was, The Cunzie Houses See
also Jamiesons's Scottish Dictionary. Therefore
it is better retain the Scotch name in this case

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