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TYLER'S TOWER Tylers' Tower
Tylers' Tower
Tyler's Tower
Mr Waldie BooKseller, Linlithgow
Mr Brockley Plumber, Linlithgow
Mr Sanders Linlithgow
etc. etc.
[Situation] Near the N.W. [North West] Angle of "The Palace" & forming part of the Ruin This is the tower at the N.W. [North West] Corner of Linlithgow Palace And is Said to be So Called from its being a "Watchers'" or "Warders" tower - the office of "Tyler" (Watcher) is Still kept up by the fraternity of Freemasons -: the Name is Well Known and understood in Linlithgow. From this tower According to tradition, Queen Margaret tooK the last look of King James IV on his departure for Flodden. An apartment at the top of the Staircase is Called "Queen Margaret's Bower", but this name Seems to have originated Since the publication "Marmion" -

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