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CARRIDEN HOUSE 001 [Situation] 36 chains SE by E [South East by East] of the Ph. [Parish] Church

From the several alterations that have been made from time to time in this house the exact date of its erection Cannot be ascertained. The centre part of the building appears to be the most ancient, when making some additions or alterations in that part about Six years ago the workmen found a piece of lead fastened in the wall bearing date 1604. This Captn. [Captain] Hope (the present proprietor) consider [considers it] to be the date of the original building. A second date 1682 is cut on the wall above one of the windows which is evidently the date of some additions. This house belonged to a branch of the Hamilton family The next known proprietor was a Mr. Charteris then a Captn. [Captain] Dalrymple & subsequently a Mr. Maxwell and finally the father of the present proprietor Captn. [Captain] Hope R.N. [Royal Navy] It is considered by many antiquarians to have been built on the site of a Roman fort. From its situation & from some cut stones & Roman relics said to have been found from time to time in the ground about the house it is very probable to have been the site of one of the Roman Forts or stations which appertained to the Roman Wall.
(Signed) G. Ingram C. Asst. [Civilian Assistant]

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