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Kinneil Kerse
Kinneil Kerse
Kinneil Kerse
Kinneil Kerse
Kinneil Carse
James Webster Banker Bo'ness
Mr Begg Manager of Kinneil Iron Works
John Mitchell Farmer Kinneil Kerse
Rent Receipt
Lease of Farm
Forrests Co. [County] Map
001 [Situation] In the NW. [North West] Corner of the parish of Borrowstounness

A small farm house two stories high with offices and thrashing machine, all in good repair. There is a garden and a small arable farm attached Tenanted by Andrew Mitche [Mitchell] The property of the Duke of Hamilton. I have been informed by Mr Begg, Manager of the Kinneil Iron Works, that this (Kerse) is the scotch word for Carse: and that the house received its name from the carse on which it stands. James Webster, Banker, who is Factor to the Duke of Hamilton, says Kerse, is used on all the property documents.

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Parish of Borrowstounness
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Note. Particular enquiry has been made
as to the difference of spelling between
the above name and that of the Carse of Kinneil
in the foregoing page. To the enquiry sent to the
field Mr J. Early C.A. [Civilian Assistant] has returned the
following answer. - "This name is spelled
"Kinneil Kerse in Lease and in Rent Receipts
Mr Rutherford Schoolmaster Upper
Kinneil also spells it Kerse not Carse
he says when applied to a house *Kerse is the
proper way and Carse when applied to a tract
of land.-"

*Although this remark of the schoolmaster is not correct as a general rule yet perhaps it would be as well to adopt his suggestion in this particular case

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