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Site of STANDING STONE (Supposed Memorial of Sir Gilbert Hamilton Site of Old Mile Stone
Site of Old Mile Stone
Site of Old Mile Stone
Revd. [Reverend] Mr McKenzie
Mr. Rutherford Upper Kinneil
Mr. Johnston Bo'ness
001 [Situation] About 1 mile SW. [South West] of Kinneil House

This marks the place where a Stone about Seven feet high Stood, And which is said to have been placed here as a Memorial of a battle which took place between Gilbert Hamilton and the Great Lieutenant of England in which the latter lost his life, The stone stood by the side of a road which passed here and was well known by the name of the Old Mile Stone, both road and stone have been removed long since
There could be no other tradition found in the Neighbourhood in Connection with this Stone,
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[Note] -- G. [German] Text

[Note] From the account of this Stone in the following page
taken from the Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] it will be seen that it was a
Standing Stone of memorial, That it was erected in Commemoration
[of] Sir Gilbert Hamilton and of the victory gained by him over the
[Lieutenant] of England is very probable from all the Circumstance in
connection with this personage. Also altho' [although] the date of the deed is
not given it is evident it must be during the time of Robert the
Bruce or between his first raising the Standard of Scottish freedom
[in] 1306 and that of the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314, And as the
vulgar name, "Old Mile Stone" is neither descriptive of the object
and besides conveys an erroneous idea of its origin, therefore the
phraseology recommended above it is expected will meet approval
O,M,O, [Ordnance Manuscript Office]

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