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Parish of Borrowstounness -- Sheet 1 No. 10

[Kinneil House continued]
According to "Ffrier Mark Hamilton's Historie" King Robert the Bruce gave all the
lands of Kinneil to Sir Gilbert Hamilton "for his trew service and greit manheid" and
especially for having Slain "the greit Lieutenant of Yngland upon Kinnale Muir" From
the same authority we learn that this Sir Gilbert had been with the Bruce in the fie [field]
of Bannockburn and was one of the Seven Knights that kept the King's person. For
Sir Gilbert's exploit upon Kinnale Muir "King Robert gaif till him his armis till w [weir]
in Scotland thre sinkfuilzies in ane bluedy feild." The descendants of Sir Gibert have
held the lands and barony of Kinneil by various charters from the Kings of Scotlands. One
of the earliest is dated July 28th 1323 granted by Robert I. in favour of Walter the son [of]
Gilbert. A charter of the lands and barony of Kinneil was granted to James the first Lo [Lord]
Hamilton who in 1474 married the Countess of Arran, which event connected the house of
Hamilton with the royal family of Scotland.
In a place formerly Known as Kinneil Muir a remarkable Stone lay near the road w [which]
used to be a thoroughfare between Linlithgow and Falkirk, or Stirling.It was seven feet
five broad and three feet thick. Its upper surface had been roughly dressed a groove ha [had]
been cut round the border and a cross in the centre. It had a monumental appearance b [but]
there is no vestige of tradition regarding. Excepting the achievement of Sir Gilbert the
is no remarkable event associated with the locality.About 20 years ago the [there]
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