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BRIDGE (Remains of) Remains of Roman Bridge William Wilson Esq. The Dean
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. McKenzie Borrowstouness
001 [Situation] About 5 chains S. by E. [South by East] of Kinneil House.

This is pointed out in the locali [locality] as the Remains of the Bridge built by the Romans to convey the wall of Antoninus across the small burn that runs close to Kinniel House; the only portions at present visible are the two p [piers] or abutments that supported [the] arch: from the appearance [of] the ground there can be no d [doubt] but that this was the spot w [where] a bridge once stood and that Mr. McKenzie of Borrowstoun [Borrowstounness] and other intelligent pers [persons] in the locality, speak of hav [having] heard years ago very old p [persons] make mention of this spot bei [being a] place where a Roman Bridge once stood.

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Parish of Borrowstouness -- Sheet 1 No 10 -- Trace 3

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