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Kinneil Church (Remains of) Remains of Church W. Wilson Esq. The Dean
William Thomson Farmer Upper Kinneil
001 [Situation] 5 Chains W [West] by N. [North] of Kinneil House

This is the Remains of what was many years ago the Parish Church of Kinniel, there is only one wall of it standing now at the west end, which is about 30 feet high and 3 feet thick, it is situated close to, and to the north west of, Kinneil House there is still visible a portion of the Grave Yard, and several very old tomb stones: one of the tomb stones, bears date 1601. - and is placed over the remains of one of the sons of the Duke of Hamilton, it was at one period the parish burying ground for Kinniel Parish; and also the burying ground for the Dukes of Hamilton.

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