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------- Examiners replies to each of
------- the underlined portions

both being called Loch-beannachad, Lake of blessing
[the] only rivers are the Fleet and the Brora. The Fleet has its ------- Loch Beannach, written
[origin] in a rising ground, forming the Boundary between the parishes
[of] Rogart and Lairg. After traversing 10 miles, from east to west
[in many] windings, it enters and extensive plain, once covered by every
[tide] from the Moray Firth, but now encroached upon only by this stream
[the] waters of the sea being completely shut out by the earthen mound, at
[the head] of the Little Ferry.
[The] Brora is about twice the size of the Fleet, has its origin in the high mountain
Beinclibric, and passes from west to east, traversing ten miles of ------- Should this be written
[this] parish in its course ------- Ben, or Beinn Clybric
[Land]-owners - The Duke and Duchess of Sutherland are proprietors of
[nearly] the whole parish of Rogart. The other proprietors of land in it are
[George] Dempster, Esq. of Skibo, and Hugh Rose Ross Esq. of Glastullich
[and] Cromarty, who have each a small patch in it unconnected
[with] their principal estates
Antiquities. - At a place called Corrie, where there are the
existence in former times of oak trees, imperfect remains of a
Druidical circle are to be seen.
Tradition accords with the rude and certain monuments of ------- The site [of ruins] of the ------- Conflict of Aldinabeth
battles, in showing that Rogart was in past times the scene of ------- Battle Fields should be ------- shewn in sheet 96
violent contests, and of much bloodshed. A ridge of hills crossing ------- shewn if the can be pointed
the eastern extremity of the parish from north to south, & extending ------- out by the inhabitants
from Strathbrora and Strathfleet, is covered with Tumuli, which appears
to have been thrown over the slain where they fell. One of these was opened
lately by dikers, erecting a fence around the glebe, having no idea
that they invaded the resting place of a warrior. They found in the
centre of it a stone coffin, containing mouldered bones, and the blade ------- The site of this should
of a Dirk, coated with gold, and marked with lines, crossing one ------- be shown and described with
another at acute angles, and terminating in a point. It is likely that ------- the nearest [----] name
this bloody instrument was broken and covered, in the wound it inflicted
and was thus retained in the body of its victim.
The Earl of Montrose on his return from Orkney passed
unmolested through Strathfleet; where he and his followers
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