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Extracts from New Statistical Account ------- Examiners replies to each of
Parish of Rogart ------- the underlined portions

Roaird is the name of this parish in the Gaelic language
In the district of the parish called Roaird, which gives
the name to the whole parish, there is Roaird-bheag and
Roaird-mhor; both inclined plains of no great extent
Rhidhe and Rhidheachan, in the plural, are common
in Sutherland, To give and idea of the liberty used in Gaelic
names, when attempted in another language, it may be ------- Bear this in mind [when]
mentioned, that Rhidheachan is found in this county ------- collecting names
and neighbouring county of Ross-shire, to have
passed into Rhives. In like manner, Roaird has changed
into Rogart. The Parish comprehends, on the south side,
the whole of Strathfleet; on the north side, the upper division ------- should not the angli
of Strathbrora ------- cised name in these two [counties]
Strathfleet, in the language of the inhabitants, is ------- be adopted and if so [should]
called Strathfloid; and the small river passing though ------- they not be written
it is called in that language Flodag, a word signifying ------- Strath Fleet ------- Strath Fleet written [---]
inundation, to which this stream is subject. This Strath ------- & Strath Brora
is 10 miles in length and in some parts it is 3/4 of a mile
wider; in other parts, it is contracted to within a few yards
of the stream passing through it. Both sides of it rise
to an elevation of from 500 to 700 feet above the course
of the Fleet.
The part of Strathbrora which in this parish bears a ------- Strath Brora written &ct
resemblance to Strathyfleet - the difference being such
as may be accounted for by the action of a larger body of
water, which has in some places cut deeper into the rock
form chasms.
The hills between these Straths are nearly of equal height,
and rise to an elevation of from 800 to 900 feet above the
level of the sea.
The lakes in this parish are very numerous, but not remark-
able for extent. Of Loch Craggie in its western extremity ------- Written & described
In the north eastern extremity of the Parish there are two lakes
both [continued on page 52]

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