List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
CREAGAN GLAS Creagan Glas Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Joass
Mr. A. Bain.
096; 103; 104 This name Signifies the "Grey "Craig, and applies to a medium Sized hill covered with heathy pasture, and situated a short distance to the north-east of "Lochan na "Gaoithe, on the property of his Grace the Duke of Sutherland.
AMHAINN AN T-SRATHA CHÀRNAICH Amhainn an t-Sratha Chàrnaich Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Joass.
Mr. A. Bain.
104; 108; 109 This name Signifies the River of the "Strath of the "Cairns, and applies to a considerable Sized stream issuing from "Loch "Buidhe and flowing generally in an easterly direction until it falls into the river "Fleet near "Torboll.
ALLT AN RIDHE CHREAGAICH Allt an Ridhe Chreagaich
Allt an Ridhe Chreagaich
Allt an Ridhe Chreagaich
Robert Mackay Strathan
Angus McKenzie Rogart
Rev. [Reverend] J.M. Joass L.L.D. [Doctor of Laws] Golspie
104 "Burn of the rocky place" and applies to a small stream running into Allt Lochan Iain Bhuidhe from the north near Daileag an Loin.

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Amhainn an t-Sratha Chàrnaich [note]
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