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thus "Certain lands attached to the
Parish Church of Kildonan, Proprietors
the Heritors of the Ph. [Parish] of Kildonan".
To which of the Glebes does this vague &
indifferent description refer and if there be
a second Glebe in the parish of Kildonan
please supply a name sheet and a proper
description for it.
Are there more Heritors for the Ph. [Parish] of Kildonan
than one viz. His Grace the Duke of Sutherland ------- No.

By order
P. Daniels
Corp. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers]

This description refers to
the Glebe of the Ph. [Parish] Church of Kildonan
at Helmsdale.

[Signed] John Donovan
La. Corpl. R.E. [Lance Corporal Royal Engineers]

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