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Almond Castle Almond Castle
Almond Castle
Almond Castle
Almond Castle
Almond Castle
Almond Castle
Almond Castle
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. James McFarlane
Mr. Matthew M. Henderson
Mr. Alexander Whyte
Estate Map dated 1796
Johnston's County Map
Grassom's County Map
Statistical Account
031.10 This ancient building is supposed to have been built about the beginning of the 15th Century. It is situate about ¼ mile north-west from the parish Church, and close to the boundary of Almond Wood. It has never been of any great size, but its walls have certainly been of an immense strength. About the year 1700 or 1712 a lady who lived in the neighbourhood caused an additional part to be built to it, which now forms the front & a part of the northern and southern gables. After it was metamorphosed in accordance with her taste & style, she made it her place of abode, where she resided till about the middle of the 17th century. The result of the change yet stands, though in a roofless and more ruinous condition than the original building The part which represents an oblong square of about 30 x 40 feet is the original portion, and though the other part is of a much more recent erection, the original is witnessing its gradual downfall, and at no distant period it will once more stand apparently (to the external view) in the same condition as when its castellated walls served as a house of refuge to Mary Queen of Scots.
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