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X While it was in use, it was encompassed by a moat about 16 feet wide, over which there was a draw-bridge and on the site of the latter there has been a stone bridge of one arch built, perchance for the purpose of satisfying the curiosity of the antiquarian.
The following is extracted from the Statistical Acct. [Account] "The history of Almond Castle is obscure. It was anciently known by the name of Haining or more rarely Manuel and seems to have owed its origin to the Crawfords of Haining a family of note in the reign of James III one of whom was Abbot of Holyrood and Treasurer of Scotland under that Sovereign. The stag's head and antlers which formed the Crest of their Armorial bearings show their descent from that Crawfurd who rescued King David from the deer on the spot where Holyrood now stands. This much is certain from the retour of Agnes Crawford whose marriage in 1540 transferred the Castle to the family of Livingstone,
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