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Black Craig Black Craig Robert Graham Moir Esq. Leckie
H. F. Campbell Esq
Revd. [Reverend] John Stark
016.06 This name applies to a steep rocky portion of the Gargunnock Hills extending from one side of the parish to the other. It is the most prominent and precipitous part of the range with a slope of about 10 chains. Parts of it are inaccessible having large Solid rocks projecting from its side; it is between 4 and 500 feet high, and is probable one of the highest cliffs in the County. The range slopes gradually from this cliff to the east and west boundary of the parish it is partly the property of R. G. Moir Esq. Leckie; and partly of H. F. Campbell Esq. Boquhan.
Garrique Garrique

Robert G. Moir Esq.
Henry F. Campbell Esq.
Revd. [Reverend] John Stark
Valuation Roll for 1855-6
Grassom's County Map
Johnston's County Map
016.06 A small farmhouse and out offices, all one story high, slated and in very bad repair it will soon disappear as the farm attached is joined to that of Ballochlinn. It is the property of Henry Fletcher Campbell Esq. Boquhan

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