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Peel of Gargunnock (Continued) Peel of Gargunnock Brot Forwd. [Brought Forward] [continued from page 25]
"Spies having sent, and finding all was right,
"Resolv'd on th'enterprise that very night,
"His hardy men at arms were sent before,
"To break a bar that held the utmost door;
"But they in vain to break it did essay,
"Till Wallace, fretting at the long delay,
"Came on himself, and with a furious stroke,
"The bar and staple all in splinters broke,
"Then open drave the gate, and there withal,
"Came tumbling down three elf-breadth of the wall.
"Much marvel did his men, who saw this storm,
"And him do more than twenty could perform.
"The passage clear'd into the house they rush'd,
"And all that did oppose before them push'd.
"A watchman had a fellon-staff of steel,
"Werewith he Wallace thought at once to kill;
"But he, recoiling, with a little pains,
"Soon wrest it from him, then dash'd out his brains,
"The Captain then he in the throng did meet,
"And with the staff soon laid him at his feet;
"His men pursuing slaughtered all the lave,
"No men-at-arms, they ordered, where to save;
"Women and bairns, he would not doom to die,
"But let them safely pass unhurt and free.
"The gold and wealth the soldiers prey became;
"But Wallace fought for Scotland, and for fame.
"Sojourning here four days the val'rous crew,
"Upon the fifth, northward their march pursue."

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The following occurs in Nimmo's History of Stirlingshire page 634.
"Another antiquity of this class is "the Peel of Gargunnock," the etymology of which, perhaps from its shape, seems to be Caer-Guineach,
"Sharp or Conical Fortress". Its site is 50 or 60 yards east of the rivulet which bears its name, and within 50 yards of the Forth,
where the latter takes an acute bend towards the north. The ground is now under corn: but old men in the neighbourhood
remember a considerable number of large stones forming part of a building there, and carried off from time to time by
the farmers for building. A ditch, south of the Peel, and joining the Burn of Gargunnock, seems to have contributed to the
security of a fortress, the use of which is conceived to have been the defence of a ford in Forth formed by the influx of
the Burn."

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