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Peel of Gargunnock Peel of Gargunnock Revd [Reverend] John Stark
Mr William Jamieson, Schoolmaster
R G Moir Esqr. Leckie
Statistical Account
Nimmo's History of Stirlingshire
009.16 This was a Fortification of considerable strength about the beginning of the 14th century, built by the English, it is said for the protection of a Ford formed by the influx of the Gargunnock Burn into the Forth; if this was the case the character of the River at the present day is much changed from the same cause as it is considerably deeper at this point. No Trace of this ancient Fortification now remains except on the East and South Sides, where there are still the remains of a ditch which according to tradition surrounded the Peel; the extent of it cannot be correctly ascertained. Some years ago when making the county road from Stirling to Dunbarton, the laborers employed at it found the remains of a stone wall at the point where the ditch crosses the road which had formed part of the Fortification. In Hamiltons Edition of "Blind Harry" is the following account of the taking of the Peel by Wallace: -
"Full in their way, upon Gargunnock Hill,
"Where Southron bands had fortified a peel,
"With chambers meet, and a commodious Hall,
"And strength of Men, and store of victual,
"Wallace this place determined to take in,
"Could it be slily done with out much din.
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