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Continued entries/extra info


Little Loch of Linga 28
Little Lari Geo 105
Little Ness 51
Little Roonie Geo 14
Little Water 82
Livister 95
Loch of Houll 81
Loch of Huxter 100
Loch Isbisters 84
Loch of Livisters 82
Loch of Sandwick 49
Loch of Stanefield 86

Loch Vatshoull 69
Longi Geo 80
Longi Geo of Skaw 76
Longigeo Stack 80
Lusastane 78

Manse 35
Marrister 35
Mell Geo 52
Meo Ness 108
Meoness Geo 108

Mid Breck 76
Mid Vord 84
Millsie Geo 21
Mire of Leedale 72
Mora Clett 3
Mora Geo 64
Muckle Breck 18
Muckle Loch of Linga 25
Muckle Lyrie Geo 107
Muckle Roonie Geo 13
Murie 78

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