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Notes on the Population etc. of Fair Isle.

[Number & composition of Family]
Vaasetter Farm James Anderson Farm-manager (came from Shetland) 5. Wife, Mother-in-law, & 2 children
Pund George Leslie 5 Wife, 2 children, & servant.
The Field Robert Eunson 9. Daughter, Son, Son's wife, & 5 grandchildren
WM Taing Jerome Wilson 11. Uncle, Aunt, Wife, & seven children.
Stonibreck No.1 George Stout 8
No.2 George Irvine 5
Stackhool No.1 Alexander Eunson 6
No.2 Widow Stout 6
No.3 William Wilson 5
WM Shirva No.1 William Williamson 5. 2 Sisters & 2 nephews
No.2 Thomas Eunson 9. Mother-in law, Sister-in-law, Wife, & 5 children
Mires William Williamson 7
WM Briggs Andrew Wilson 6 Sister, Wife, & 3 children
WM Leogh No.1 William Wilson 7
No.2 Robert Irvine 3
No.3 Thomas Wilson 7
WM Melville House Jerome Wilson 10. Wife & 2 unm. [unmarried] children; Son & Son's wife & children (3)
& servant
Gaila No.1 Jane Wilson 7
WM No.2 Robert Wilson 5
WM No.3 Andrew Wilson 8 Mother, Sister, Wife, & 4 children
The Haa William Laurence 5 (came from Dunrossness.)
Sculties William Leslie 4
WM Taft John Wilson 10
Hool Laurence Irvine 6
Schoolton Andrew Stout 3
Quoy Laurence Irvine 4
Brought forward 166
WM Kennaby Robert Wilson 8
WM Busta No.1 Stewart Eunson 9
WM No.2 George Stout 7
WM Springfield Stewart Wilson 8
198 Total population.

Number of Families 30.
Average number of persons in each family 198 -:- 30 = 6⅗
28 families belonged originally to the Island; 2 came from Shetland.
Names of the heads of the 28 Fair Isle families:
Leslie (2) : Eunson (4) : Wilson (12) : Stout (4) : Irvine (4) : and Williamson (2) : Total 6 names - The Wilsons nearly always intermarry with each other, & are all related. The 12 families marked WM are Wesleyans; the others belong to the Established Church of Scotland. The Rev. [Reverend] William Brand Parish Minister of Dunrossness, visits the island once a year, remaining at least a week or a fortnight, sometimes detained by the weather 6 weeks, holds a communion service, & marries & baptises in all cases which may be required. The Methodist Minister of Dunrossness also occasionally visits the island, but latterly at rare intervals.
The fishing begins in May & goes on till October All the males above 11 or 12 years of age are employed either in the boats or on the curing of the fish on the beach.

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