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Sheep Craig Sheep Craig
Sheep Craig
Sheep Craig
Sheep Craig
William Lawrence, Teacher, Fair Isle
Jerome Wilson, Factor, Fair Isle.
Andrew John Wilson Melville House
Admiralty Chart
069.05 A Peninsula on the east coast of Fair Isle, and connected with that Island by a narrow and impassable ridge called the "Whills". It is situated 1 mile south of Boness and 1½ miles north east of the south Harbour. The Sheep Craig contains about 6 acres of good sheep pasture and is surrounded by a very bold and steep cliff, its highest part facing southwards towering in perpendicular height to very close on 600 feet. On the sea side of the Peninsula are several large arches called by the inhabitants Hillyars and thro' [through] the center one of which, a boat can be pulled giving to the visitor one of the grandest sights of a natural archway to be seen anywhere, and before which out ancient cathedrals dwindle into insignificance. The access to the top of the Craig is by means of a chain firmly fixed to the summit of the cliff, by means of which some of the more daring of the islanders ascend first and then assist in pulling up others. By the same means also are the sheep put on and taken off the Craig and so difficult is the undertaking considered that the proprietor John Bruce Junr [Junior] Esq. of Sumburgh allows each man who ascends a years grass for a sheep free.
Tumuli Tumuli Mr William Lawrence
John Bruce Junr. [Junior] Esq.
069.05 There are 8 or 9 Tumuli on the Island, varying somewhat in size, but all exactly similar in appearance, being green mounds, found to consist when opened of stones about of the size used for road metalling. The people of the island call them "Fairy Knowes" or "Gude Folks' Knowes", - & do not remove them even when they are in a cultivated field. Urns have been found in some of them made of steatite or clibber stone, They are no doubt sepulchral mounds of a very ancient date, although no bones have been found in them; the urns probably contained ashes.

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Parish of Dunrossness Fair Isle, Shetland

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