Place names

These volumes provide information on Roxburghshire place names found in the parishes of Ancrum, Ashkirk, Bedrule, Bowden, Castleton, Cavers, Crailing, Eckford, Ednam, Galashiels, Hawick, Hobkirk, Hounam, Jedburgh, Kelso, Kirkton, Lilliesleaf, Linton, Makerston, Maxton, Melrose, Minto, Morebattle, Oxnam, Roberton, Roxburgh, Selkirk, Smailholm, Southdean, Sprouston, St Boswells, Stichill, Teviothead, Wilton, and Yetholm between 1858 and 1860.

7337 place names

(Site of) ST MARY'S CHURCH (Ruins of)OS1/29/21/87Roxburghshire volume 21
ABBEY (12th Century) (Site of)OS1/29/21/87Roxburghshire volume 21
ABBEY (12th Century) (Site of) ST MARY'S CHURCH (Ruins of)OS1/29/21/88Roxburghshire volume 21
ABBEY (12th Century) (Site of) ST MARY'S CHURCH (Ruins of)OS1/29/21/89Roxburghshire volume 21
ABBEY (12th Century) (Site of) ST MARY'S CHURCH (Ruins of)OS1/29/21/90Roxburghshire volume 21
ABBEY (Site of) [S of Abbey Knowe]OS1/29/5/109Roxburghshire volume 05
ABBEY BRIDGEOS1/29/20/73Roxburghshire volume 20
ABBEY BRIDGENDOS1/29/20/73Roxburghshire volume 20
ABBEY CLOSEOS1/29/20/70Roxburghshire volume 20
ABBEY COURTOS1/29/21/100Roxburghshire volume 21
ABBEY GREENOS1/29/21/100Roxburghshire volume 21
ABBEY GROVEOS1/29/20/76Roxburghshire volume 20
ABBEY GROVEOS1/29/20/44Roxburghshire volume 20
ABBEY HOUSEOS1/29/20/74Roxburghshire volume 20
ABBEY HOUSEOS1/29/21/100Roxburghshire volume 21
ABBEY KNOWEOS1/29/5/109Roxburghshire volume 05
ABBEY MILL (Corn)OS1/29/20/73Roxburghshire volume 20
ABBEY PLACEOS1/29/20/68Roxburghshire volume 20
ABBEY PLACEOS1/29/20/47Roxburghshire volume 20
ABBEY PLACEOS1/29/28/156Roxburghshire volume 28