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JEDBURGH [town] Jedburgh
Alexander Jeffrey Esqr.
G. Rutherford Esqr.
Mr. William Deans
021.05 [Situation] On the West bank of Jed Water.
A Royal Burgh, the County town of Roxburghshire, is Situated in a warm sheltered vale, around which the water of Jed take a beautiful Curve, The town is in the form of cross, Castlegate and High Street being the long body thereof, and Canongate and Burn Wynd the transept. It became early Known as a place of some importance by its Castle and Abbey. In 1410 the town was burned during an incursion of the English, headed by Sir Robert Dhupraville, some years after, it shared the same fate, at the hands of the same Commander.
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10 feet Work of Jedburgh -- Sheet 21.5.9 Trace 6.

[Note relating to 'Jedburgh'] - Note. After considerable research and trouble by
Examiners and parties connected with Jedburgh,
it will be seen the accompanying documents
that the ancient Boundary of this Royal Burgh
cannot now be pointed out with any degree of
accuracy. The Royal Burgh Boundary has consequently
been omitted on the 10 feet Ordce. [Ordnance] Plans at the suggestion
or recommendation of parties deemed competent by the Sheriff
and Magistrates to point out all existing Boundaries connected
with the Burgh.

[Initialled] [E.N.H]
Cp. RE. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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