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Crailing Crailing (Ph) [Parish] Continued The origin of the name of Nisbet is somewhat doubtful, though there cannot be much doubt, whether it was imposed by the Saxon settlers here. In the ancient documents, it is variously spelt, Nesbet, Nasebet, Nesbyte and 'Nisbet': In this parish there are two places of this name, Over, and Nether Nisbet: The appellation seems generally to be connected with a Hill: In Culter parish, there is a hill called 'Nisbet Nape' and in Aloa parish, there is 'Nesbit Hill'. The position of all these places called 'Nisbet', seems to intimate, that we must look for its origin in the Saxon - Nes, Nese, Naeses, in this language signifies a promontory, a projection, the nose; and bit a piece, as we Know from [Sonn ex]: So, Nesbit would signify the 'Nose piece'. The village of 'Upper Nesbit', in this parish, stands on a ridge of land, which projects from the base of a hill which bears the name of 'Peniel-heugh', and is a point visible at the distance of many miles - This Hill has been

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Parish of Crailing W Beatty ca [Civilian Assistant]

The 'Over Nisbet' here referred to is now called 'Upper Nisbet' and Nether Nisbet is that portion which forms the Village

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