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HUT CIRCLE [Heights of Brae] 076
STANDING STONE [Heights of Brae] 076
STONE CIRCLE (Remains of) [Heights of Brae] Stone Circle
Stone Circle
Mr A C MacKenzie Schoolmaster Marybro
Mr A MacKenzie Crofter Heights of Dochcarty
076 This name is applied to a Druidical Circle, situated a little to the north of the Heights of Brae. It presents a singular appearance. In the centre the stones are from 5 to 6 feet about ground one foot apart from each other, and inclose a space of 9 feet diameter. On easch side are the appearances of two spaces of smaller dimensions one having only two stones placed at right angles and the other only one which measures 7 1/2 feet by 4 1/2 and at height of two thirds has an indentation slightly angular in the centre and cut more deep towards the edges. Surrounding the whole are the appearances of several concentric circles of considerable dimensions, but most of the stones have been carried away "bide Statistical account" circles not sufficiently defined to be shown. There is 11 standing and 3 lying stones. A little to the south west of the stones there is a circle formed of stones and earth "Known in Sutherlandshire as Hut Circle". Also in the district of the Heights of Dochcarty there is a standing stone supposed to be of Druidical origin. It stands 4 feet 6 inches above ground 3 feet 3 inches breadth by 1 foot 4 inches. Property of Her Grace the Duchess of Sutherland

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