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CASTLETON (Remains of) Castleton (remains of)
Castleton (remains of)
Castleton (remains of)
Henry Sinclair Schoolmaster
Mr. Spiers, Cowden House
Andrew Blythe Gardener
Stobie's Co. [County] Map
134 [Situation] On the east side of Cowden House All that now remains of this castle, is a small portion of the wall which surrounded the courtyard, a part of it was pulled down a few years since to make room for the present mansion, (Cowden House) and some of the stones were used for the for the purpose of building the east and west wings of it.
Castleton was built in the year 1320, by Archbishop Lamberton, and it was for some time the residence of Archbishop Sharpe, it is supposed that, he proceeded from this, on the day he was murdered in crossing Magus moor.

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[Page] 25
Ph. [Parish] of Muckart -- Sheet 134 No.4 Trace 2

"The only ancient document of which the writer is
aware that gives any information relative to the
parish is Martins History of the See of St. Andrews
written in 1693 and printed 1797 from which it
appears that the greater part of the parish Styled
in the Golden Charter of the See of St. Andrews
Muckartshire was given to the Archbishop by James III
that the house of Castleton was built by Archbishop
Lamberton in 1320."
New Stat. Acct [Statistical Account] of Perthshire
p [page] 305

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