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bridge of Lynedoch
Lynedoch bridge
Mr Robert Wright
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New Statistical Acct. [Account] for Methven Ph. [Parish]
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085 A beautiful stone bridge which spans the River Almond by one semicircular arch about 80 feet in span; built in 1832 by Lord Lynedoch at a cost of 4000 pounds.

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County of Perth -- Parish of Methven

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The following is taken from the New Statistical Account of Redgorton Parish
"The third bridge is that on which we are most disposed to pride ourselves. It is situated at Dalcruive, about as far above the old bridge to the west, or up the river, as the second is below it. As a modern structure it is remarkable for its elegance and simplicity, for the grandeur of is elevation, and the beauty of its workmanship: - as an example of munificence and public spirit in an individual, it stands by an immeasureable distance at the head of all the public, or recorded transactions of this great County. This bridge, like the Old Bridge of Almond, is found on two rocks, or rather upon a dike, which here crosses the river, and affords a firm foundation for the superstructure on either side. It consisters of one semicircular arch of 80 feet span; the abutment of which is upwards of 10 feet high, so that the height of the top of the bridge above the bed of the river is fully 50 feet. The foundation stone was laid 25th. August 1832. The arch was keyed 20th. August 1836, and the centre struck the 1st. September following; and such is the accurary of the workmanship, that no perceptible settling has taken place. The approach to this bridge has required the cutting down of two hills, and the filling up of the valley betwixt them, the whole of which, as well as the building of the bridge, has been accomplished, we may say, at the sole expense of Lord Lynedoch, the county having as yet contributed only 150£ from the road money towards the expense. One of these cuts too, having been carried through the ridge, along which the ride from Lynedoch to the Bridge of Bertha runs, has been crossed by a beautiful little bridge of a semicircular arch, a minature as it were of the former, at a cost of 500£. The whole of this improvement, the building of the bridges, the filling up of the valley over which the road is carried, with the cutting of the hills, and erecting the corresponding retaining walls, has cost his Lordship about £4000, a sum rarely expended by an individual in one undertaking for the public benefit."
It is invariably called Dalcrue Bridge and it is not known in the locality by the name of Lynedoch Bridge

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