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Bessie Bell and Mary Gray's Grave (Continued) [continued from page 11]
to them the very pestilence from which they had fled. Falling victims to the disease, they were, according to custom, refused sepulture, in the ordinary burying-ground, and slept together as they had latterly lived
Burn Brae
Burn Brae
Mr Buchanan Chapelhill
Mr White, Lynedoch
Mr John White, Methven
085 A small Brae in the woods about ¾ of mile west of Lynedoch celebrated for having once been the residence of Bessie Bell and Mary Gray. About the middle of this brae there is a heap of stones said to mark the site of their bower. The stones have been thrown there by visitors in order to do so. See description of grave P. [Page] 11
James Irvine Tenant
Estate Plan
Mr White Lynedoch
085 A small dwelling house one storey high, slated
and in middling repair The Earl of Mansfield Proprietor

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Methven Parish

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Supposed Site of Bower
of Bessie Bell and Mary Gray
A.D. 1645

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