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CHAPEL (Remains of) [Dron] Chapel
Mr. Alexander Forbes
Mr. John McLaren
Scobies Co. [County] Map
075 [Situation] A few Chains NW. [North West] of Dron.
This is the Remains of a Chapel, which, according to the Statistical account, "Belonged to the Abbey of Coupar-Angus" All that now remains is a portion of the Walls, Situated on the North side of a stream on the Farm of Dron a short distance N.W. [North West] from the Farmhouse. There is nothing known of its History or Tradition in the locality but what has been gleaned from the published accounts thereof.
Mr Alexander Forbes
Mr John McLaren
Stobie's Co. [County] Map
075 [Situation] In the northern portion of the parish.
A two storey Farmhouse with extensive offices, Malt-house, Kiln Garden, &c &c attached, situated about a mile and a half North from the Village of Longforgan. The propety of the Right Honourable Lord Kinnaird, and occupied by Alexander Forbes.

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Parish of Longforgan -- Sheet 75 No 16. Trace 6.

[Note to Chapel:]
At Dron on the high ground above the village there are still
to be seen the ruins of a Chapel which belonged to the Abbey of Cupar-Angus
erected in 1164 by Malcolm IV. The grandson and Successor of David I. for
a Community of Cistercian monks. Its north and south walls have long since
fallen down or been demolished and only the gables remain and these in rather
a dilapidated state. In the west one there is a large window terminating
in a beautiful pointed arch, which springs from a pilaster on either side. It is
situated in a dell through which a rivulet flows and at the foot of the
rocky eminence on which it stands there is a fountain of the purest
and most limpid water on which the severest drought makes scarcely
any impression and which would doubtless be rendered available in the days of Roman
Catholic superstition. Though it is now very [old], a nearly direct route from it to the
Abbey still remains open.
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire page 408

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