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FORT (Remains of) [Dron Hill] Camp (Supposed Roman)
Camp (Supposed Roman)
Mr. John McLaren, Millhill
Mr. Alexander Forbes Dron
Stobies Co. [County] Map
075 [Situation] On the Summit of Dron Hill.
This camp from its shape* is supposed of Roman construction, it is situated on the highest point of Dron Hill, and is composed of three Banks on the south, and two on the north side built of rough stones and earth. The hill of Dron is now planted with wood and all traces of this camp will soon be entirely obliterated.

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Ph. [Parish] of Longforgan -- Sheet 75 No 16 Trace 5.

Note. From the shape, situation, and construction of
the above, it is apparently a British hill fort, and to be
written on plan as usual Fort (Remains of) in Old English.

At about three miles distance and upon the top of the hill of
Dron is the remains of a fortification which appears to have been built
of rude stones and turf. It is roundish or rather oval, following the shape of the hill and
a space of about two Scotch acres towards the south it has three retrenchments or banquettes rising
above another as the hill ascends. It is now planted and will very soon be totally obliterated. This
with another something of the same kind in the adjoining parish of Abernyte and that on Dunsinnan hill might
have been part of a chain running diagonally across that range of hills from the Carse to Strathmore. These, from
their shape must either have been Danish or Scottish, most probably the latter as they present a face to the point
of invasion.
Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 19 page 561.

*Note:- That this fort or camp is Roman could not by any [means?]
be inferred from its "Shape" or situation [Initialled] J.C.

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