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Mrs Anderson occupier
Mr David Morrison
Valn [Valuation] Roll 1857-8
087 [Situation] In the northern portion of the parish
A Farmhouse with extensive Offices Garden and a Farm of land attached the property of Mr Allen of Inchmartine and occupied by Mrs Anderson,
STANDING STONE [Inchmartine House] Standing Stone Mr David Morrison
Mr James Dorward
087 [Situation] About 23 Chains S by W. [South by West] of Inchmartine House
A large stone about six feet high in a Grass park on the Estate of Inchmartine. There is no trad [tradition] respecting it in the locality but that it is considered to be Similar to Several others in the Carse of Gowrie and elsewhere,

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Parish of Errol -- Sheet 87 No. 11 -- Trace 5

[Note] -- Similar to the large stone at the village Hawkstane just within the boundary
of the parish of St. Madoes, are two others in this parish, both in elevated
and conspicuous situations, the one on the west near Clashbennie and
the other in the north-east near Inchmartin. They are both quite Solitary and
without any mark of art, so large as not to have been easily conveyed to their present
situation by human contrivance, and yet in such a position as to lead to the inference
that they were intended to be monumental - intended to mark a place of importance or
to perpetuate the resemblance of some memorable event. -- New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire page 384-5

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