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CHAPEL (Ruins of) [Inchmartine House] Chapel Mr Patrick Constable
Mr David Morrison
087 [Situation] About ⅞ mile W S W. [West South West] of Inchmartine House

This is the Ruins of a Chapel surrounded by a graveyard. Situated on the Estate of Inchmartine a short distance West from the Mansion House. The walls and Belfry are in good preservation, owing to the proprietor of the Estate prohibiting the removal of any stones from the Chapel or Enclosure. There is nothing Known in the locality as to the time of its erection, but the appearance of the walls, doorways, windows etc bear evidence of great antiquity.

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Parish of Errol -- Sheet 87 No 11 -- Trace 4

[Note] G [German] Text
Grave yard to be also written in G. [German] Text

[Note] -- About three miles and a half from the village of Errol there are at Westown the ruins of a
small Gothic church of plain but very excellent workmanship which in one of the ancient charters of the estate
[is] called the church of the Blessed Virgin of Inchmartin. The ministers of Errol used to preach in it half
a day once in every fortnight, but after the parish church was enlarged and the roads were improved
[this] practice was discontinued. It is not not above 50 years however since the building was dismantled nor
[nearly] so long since interments have taken place in the burying ground around it. Its situation is one of
[the] most beautiful and picturesque that is to be seen in the whole district. -- New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire page 386

[Note] -- Enquiry has been made as to whether the name in the above extract was known by tradition or otherwise
in the country and an answer in the negative was returned by the Examiner Mr Duggan.

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