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Kinmonthford The same
remarKs apply to this as to
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Trace correct, the name applies
to a Hs., [House] not to a ford.

Also is there a ford across
this river at place and is
it called Kinmonth Ford?
If so it ought to be written
Should not Fishing Lodge,
or Station? be written also
in this case and that without
any parenthesis?
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There is no ford here, but if
there were such a thing it should
not appear on this trace as the
River is not Granted on it.
It is a matter of taste whether the
parenthesis are retained or not. the
word fishing lodges is only explanatory
& not a part of the name: Consequently
I consider the parenthesis not incorrect.

The Tomb Sheet 110 No 5 Trace 3 Will you have
the goodness to state by what family
was this buiding erected was
it by Grant the present family
of Kilgraston or by their pre-
decessors? and is it at
present the burial place
of the family of Grant or
that of Craigie?
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I think the most of this information
is already given in description.
It was built by the Grant family.
The Craigies neither have, nor
ever had anything to do with it.

Had not the Craigies, the
former proprietors of Kilgraston
a burial place here?
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