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Ph [Parish] of Dunbarney
Sheet 98 No 14
Trace 4
Fort (Remains of) Can
no authority be got for
this designation?
What is the opinion
of the proprietor or
that of his game Keeper
concerning it?
There may be an
objection at Southampton
if sent without any au-
thority for the name
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Br [Bridge] of Earn
31st January 1860,
If I mistake not this is already ansd [answered]
in the name leaf & the very persons mention
here were questioned regarding it. no
persons that I could find had ever seen
or heard of it. It is possible that it might
never have been noticed owing to its
secluded position.

Cunningharis Planting
The origin of this name is
stated in Descriptive RKs [Remarks] to
have been a rabbit warren
at this place. If this can
be relied on then the proper
spelling "Cunningar", Should
be used. Also as "planting"
is scotticism for plantation
The name should be
"Cunningar Plantation"
Is it not superfluous
to use the letter s as an
affix to Cunningar?
Sheet 98 No 15
Trace 5
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I consider the orthography as
Supplied correct. Cunningar is
at all events wrong. for if given in
the Singular it should be Cuningar
that is with one n - I took the
orthography from a copy of Act
of Parliament Jas [James] 1st. 1666 Chap [Chapter] 36. See
also Jamiesons Dict: [Dictionary] 1808 edition, in
this description however it should I
think be called Rabbit Warrens as the
place is spoken of in the plural similar
as "Cunningharis" Plantings, this name
as supplied, shd [should] not, I think be altered.
This is also the opinion of Sir Thomas Moncreiffe
the proprietor. I cannot see how "Planting"
is a Scotticism. Websters Dict: [Dictionary] - one of the
best authorities in the English language gives it
from the latin of "plantatis" & Signifying "the art of
forming Plantations of trees &c"

Waltree. In the New valn [valuation]
Roll this name is spelled Welltree
and as the country people generally
pronounce the word Well as Wall
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I have not been able to see
a rent receipt but all the
letters to the occupier.

[page signed] Sergt [Sergeant] T Dudgeon RE [Royal Engineers]

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