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The following observations on the Pikeathly Water are from the pen of Dr. [Doctor] Edward one of the medical
practitioners at the Bridge of Earn.
The mineral water of Pitkeathly belongs to the class Saline as distinguished from the acidulous, Chalybeates,
and Sulphurous, Along however with the alkaline and earthy Salts which form the basis of its constillition, it
likewise Contains a notable portion of Carbonic acid and it is the presence of this acid which gives to this mi
neral when poured from one vessel to another, in a Slight degree the sparkling appearance so characteristic
of water impregnated with this gas

The following very nearly coincides with the analysis of Dr [Doctor] Murray,- the only difference being
the existence of minute portion of nitrogen gas which, however, might have been produced, during
the analysis from the decomposition of atmospheric air as the mercury used in collecting the gaseous pro-
ducts was very impure. The temperature of the Pitkeathly Spring was 49⁰ at the time the trial was
made (July) being 24⁰ under the the temperature of the air.
Carbonic acid 9.5 c. Inches -- Nitrogen 1.5 c. inches
Carbonate of lime - 5.7 grains -- Sulphate of Soda - 6.3 grains
Chloride of Calcium - 170 -- Chloride of sodium 114.5
The most delicate tests afforded no indications of either iron or hydriodic acid which by some have
been supposes to exist in the Pitkeathly mineral.
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire pp. [pages] 793, 794,

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