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PITKEATHLY COTTAGE Pitkeathly Cottage Thomas Lennie
William W Brown
George Harris
110 [Situation] In the SW [South West] portion of the parish
A one storey cottage. The property of John Grant Esqr. of Kilgraston.
PITKEATHLY WELLS (Saline) Pitkeathly Wells Thomas Lennie
William W. Brown
George Harris.
110 [Situation] In the SW [South West] portion of the parish
This name applies to five mineral Springs of different strength and were originally named as follows. East Well, West Well, Spout Well, Dunbarney Well, South Park Well, They are now covered in. excepting Dunbarney Well, and the water from the several wells is conducted by pipes to it, from which is pumped up for the use of visitors. The water is considered efficacious in curing or alleviating diverse internal diseases.

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