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OLD BRIDGE OF EARN (Remains of) Old Bridge of Earn (Remains of)
Old Bridge of Earn (Remains of)
Revd [Reverend] Mr Kirkwood
Mr Brown P. S. [Parish School] Master
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
110 [Situation] At the northern end of Bridge of Earn village
This name applies to the remains of an ancient Br. [Bridge] at the Br [Bridge] of Earn, the date of its erection is not Known but it is conjectured from mention being made of it in many old documents that it must be considerably over 500 years old. It originally had but 5 arches but owing to the encroachments of the water another or 6th arch was built by the borough of Perth It had 6 arches up to the date of its being shut up when the new Bridge was built at present there are two complete arches remaining & on the north side of the Earn is the abutment or foundation where the last arch terminated, this Br [Bridge] was for many hundred years the only one on the Earn throughout Strathearn, & it is very likely that it was contemporaneous with the old Br [Bridge] of Perth & that the stone for both was Supplied from ch [church] property of Scone Abbey.

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Ph [Parish] Dunbarney -- Sheet 110 No. 2. Trace 4.

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