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Parish of Dunbarney -- Sheet 110 No. 2 Trace 4

Old Bridge of Earn. The old bridge over the Earn was probably built about 500
years ago. There is extant among the records belonging to the abbey of Scone an order from
King Robert the Bruce to the abbot and monks connected with it to allow the magistrates of
Perth the liberty of digging Stones out of the quarries of Kincarochie and Balcarmac for
building the bridge of Tay and the bridge of Earn. The tenor of it is as follows. " Robertus
Dei gratia Rex Scotorm religiosis Abbate et Conventui de Scona, delectus et fidelibus
Suis Salutem vos rogamus quatenus ad instantiam nostram concedere velitus licentiam capiendi
lapicidiorum de KynKarachi et Balcormac pro edificatione ecclesiae de Perth et Eryn ita quod dicta
licentia non cedat vobis in damnum aut praejudicium. Datum apud Glascuae quarta die Julli
anno regni nostri vigesimo tertio." The above was granted A. D. 1329. The bridge over the
Earn was upheld till the Reformation by the liberty of Churchmen, who supplied stones for its
repair as the had done for its original construction. It was composed of five arches
as an additional arch was reared about 80 years ago in consequence of the inroads the
water was making on the northern bank of the river. This constituted the fifth or last
When the new bridge was built a fragment of the old one was left comprehending two arches.
This delapidated ruin is beginning to be overgrown with ivy and presents a picturesque appe
New Stat.Acct. of Perthshire p, [page] 211

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