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VIADUCH [River Earn] Viaduct Websters Dictionary of the English Language 110 [Situation] In the NW [North West] portion of the parish.
A wooden Structure of Five arches Stretching across the River Earn, over which passes the Edinbro' [Edinburgh] Perth & Dundee Railway.
RIVER EARN River Earn Mr Brown P Schoolmaster
New Stat. [Statistical]Account
110 [Situation] Runs along the northern portion of the parish.
One of the principal rivers of Perthshire rising out of Loch Earn and flowing in a very sinuous manner thro' [through] Strathearn of which this Parish is a part, the Earn is generally of an average width of 40 yards in its passage thru' [through] Dunbarney owing probably to which there are but very few Bridges across it, there being but one in the parish of Dunbarney. the nearest of which, up the river is 7 miles distant.

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[Page] 19
Ph. [Parish] Dunbarney Sheet 110 No. 1 Trace 2

[Signed] Thomas Dudgeon Sergt. RE [Sergeant Royal Engineers]

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The pre populated word VADUCH is mispelt. It appears as Viaduct in the original.

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