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Dunbarnie House
Hugh Tennant Jnr. [Junior]Esqr. Dunbarney House.
Map of Dunbarney Estate.
Mr W W Brown
Parrochial Schoolmaster
Perth Post Office Directory
110 [Situation] In the NW [North West] portion of the parish.
A commodious rectangular building Surrounded by many belts of Plantation & Avenues of Trees, adjoining are Suitable Stables, Office Houses. Gardens.
(Occupied by the proprietor Mrs Craigie. )
Site of DUNBARNEY VILLAGE Dunbarney Village (Antiquity) (site of) Hugh Tennant Esqr. Jnr. [Junior]
David Simpson. Br. Bridge] of Earn
Statistical (new) Act. [Account] of Scotland
110 [Situation] In the NW [North West] portion of the parish
No positive traces of this Village remains although in the North wall of Road, where Site is shewn are Several pieces of building which appear as if formerly to have been parts of the walls of houses; from the presence of lime & the regular rectangular kind of Stones which these pieces are comprised (the wall, otherwise, being only of drystone it appears very probable that houses at Some remote period Stood here.
David Simpson (authority) had these remains pointed out to him 40 years ago an old man (at that time upwards of 80 years of age) who was Gravedigger at the Old Ch. [Church] yard of Dunbarney which is in the immediate vicinity
No further information can be procured than this & what appears in the New Statistical Acc [Account]

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Sheet o. 1 (Ph. [Parish] Dunbarney Trace 2

At a remote period when the church stood on the
Dunbarney property, a considerable village existed close
to the mansion of Mr.Craigie, occupying for a distance each
Side of the road conducting from it to the Bridge of Earn
and which was till Seventy years the line of Communication
between Forgandenny and the Bridge of Earn. It contained
thirty six families. For their accommodation, a ferryboat
plied on the Earn in a line with the west wall of the Old
churchyard after crossing which, the villagers travelled to
Perth by the "Hilton Knowe" the field Called the "Muckle bank"
and St. Magdalen's farm. New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire p. [page] 810

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