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Heill of Dron
Mr Neal Anderson Shepherd
Mr William Lennie Farmer
Mr Alexander Melrose
Morison's Co. [County] Map
110 [Situation] In the south side of the parish.
A small hill on the farm of West Dron & in the south of the Parish.
BALMANNO HILL Balmanno Hill James Heard Balmanno
Mr Dow Little Fildie
Mr Alexander Melrose
110 [Situation] In the southern portion of the parish.
A large hill east of Dron hill on the farm of Balmanno. There is a rocking stone on the S. [South] western extremity of this hill.
DRON BURN Dron Burn James Heard
Mr William Lennie
Neal Anderson
110 [Situation] Running through the central portion of the parish.
A small stream rising on the farm of Mundie & flowing eastward through the parish.

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Parish of Dron -- Sheet 110 No. 14 Traces 1. 2. & 3.

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on what plan
on 110.14

[Note below Balmanno Hill authorities:]
"Balmanno" Orthy. [Orthography] Val: [Valuation] Roll and
New Stat: [Statistical] Account.

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