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"This parish contains few remains of Antiquity amongst those deserving of notice are the Haer Cairns, of which there are, or rather were several in various parts of the parish, marking the scene of mortal conflict & the last resting place of the slain. Most of these have now been either partially or wholly removed in the course of modern improvements, and in the process of excavation, human bones in great quantities have been found, and 2 stone coffins formed of 4 flat stones, containing a skull and a quantity of Ashes. " New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account] of Blairgowrie.
"The Garrydrums on which the Caledonian Camp of Buzzart Dykes lies are very singular ground. These drums are mentioned by Tacitus. The Herr Cairns of Gormack (in Kinloch Parish) below, & immediately contiguous, lying close together, about 80 in number & about 15 feet each by 5 in height, mark the contest that followed: the site is still to be traced by numerous tumuli through Maws in the parish of Blairgowrie along the tract that lies between between the Moss of Cochridge on the west & the River Ericht on the east. The great Cairn of Maws lies in this tract, not far from the woody banks of Eroch. This Cairn is 27 yards broad and about 4 feet high, it was opened, in the centre, by the writer hereof (Revd [Reverend] James Playfair) & found to contain human teeth & a great quantity of human bones much reduced, which were mixed with charcoal, and lodged among loose earth, having undergone the fire, which contributed to the preservation both of the bones & charcoal. This is the grave of the 340 Romans who fell. The Britons lost 10,000. I found burned bones also in a small tumuli adjacent"
Old Stat Acct. [Statistical Account]

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