List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
PEGGYFIELD Peggyfield James Creighton occupier
David Anderson of St. Fink
Robert Thom Inspector of Poor
053 A dwelling house with offices and pendicle attached; property of Robert Clerk Rattray of Craighall.
CRAIGIE DEN Craigie Den James Creighton
David Anderson
George Anderson Hill of St. Fink
David Clark Hill of St. Fink
053 A small ridge of perpendicular rocks on the south side of a small stream that runs through the Hill of St. Fink
HILL OF ST FINK Hill of St. Fink

Hill of St. Phink
David Anderson
Val. [Valuation] Roll
George Anderson
New Stat [Statistical] Account
053 This name is applied to a number of dwelling houses with offices & pendicles attached within a yellow band on traces; property of David Anderson of St. Fink and Rattray Hill of St. Fink.
James Anderson occupier
David Anderson proprietor
Val. [Valuation] Roll
County Directory
053 A farmsteading with a small portion of ornamental ground & vegetable garden attached, property of David Anderson, St. Fink.
URNS FOUND [beneath a "cairn" Chapelton] An Urn containing ashes found in this field David Anderson
James Anderson
David Clerk Hill of St. Fink
053 In a field immediately north of Chapelton urns containing ashes were found by David Anderson's father under a Cairn. (see Extracts)
Mr. Scott proprietor
Val. [Valuation] Roll
David Anderson of St. Fink
New Stat [Statistical] Account.
053 A fine dwelling house with offices ornamental ground & vegetable garden attached, property of Mr. Scott, Burnhead.

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53-9 -- Parish of Bendochy Perthshire

[Note below Chapelton:]
"The houses near to the Chapel at St. Fink are
called Chapeltown." Old Stat [Statistical] Account.

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