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ST FINK St. Fink
St. Fink
St. Fink
St. Fink
David Anderson proprietor
James Anderson
Val. [Valuation] Roll & County Directory
Old Stat [Statistical] Account
053 A farmhouse with offices attached; property of David Anderson.
CHAPEL (Site of) [St Fink] Site of St. Fink's Chapel
Site of St. Fink's Chapel
Site of St. Fink's Chapel
Site of St. Fink's Chapel
Site of St. Fink's Chapel
David Anderson Esqre.
James Anderson
New Stat. [Statistical] Account
Chalmer's Caledonia,
Old Stat. [Statistical] Account.
053 Close to the east side of the dwelling-house of St. Fink there was formerly a Chapel surrounded by a burying ground. The present proprietor removed part of the foundation and trenched the ground for a number of yards around it, and while so doing dug up human bones and urns, he also found two small coins and three bottles of a globular shape.
"There was anciently a chapel at Saint Fink dedicated to that Saint a small part of the foundation of which still remains. It had been surrounded by a burying ground out of which the present proprietor's father dug some human skulls, inclosed between four square stones. Below a cairn he found human bones partially burned, and below these again two rudely sculptured urns inverted with human bones in a state of perfect preservation. Very lately, near the chapel there were discovered some singular looking bottles, nearly globular, likewise inverted."
New Stat. [Statistical] Account.
Meet Hillocks
Meet Hillocks
David Anderson
James Anderson
David Clark Hill of St. Fink
053 Two small knolls in a field adjacent to St. Fink. David Anderson says that according to tradition marriage parties met here.

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53-9 -- Parish of Bendochy

[Additional quotation under Chapel:]
"There has anciently been a burying ground round the
Chapel. The present proprietor dug out some heads without a body
(each enclosed between 4 square stones, fitted to hold the head); probably
the heads of people who had been slain at a distance in battle.
There was a cairn of stones on his Estate, which he also opened up
& below the stones, among the loose earth, which was black with burnt ashes
he found some human bones, which had undergone fire & upon digging down
into the firm ground below, he found two inverted urns, which had been
placed in pits dug for them, each urn containing human bones; The
urns were large enough to hold the thigh & leg bones & other bones, and
other bones, entire. They were adorned with rude sculpture, but had no inscription."
Old Stat [Statistical] Account &
Chalmer's Caledonia p. [page] 83
(See entry on back hereof)
[Initialled] JB
Lt.Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

[Below Meet Hillocks:]
Mote a little hill or eminence, a barrow or tumulus, a rising ground, a knoll. Jameison

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