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PASS OF ABERFOIL Pass of Aberfoil
Pass of Aberfoil
Pass of Aberfoil
Pass of Aberfoil
Anderson's Guide to the Highlands
Dr. [Doctor] Graham's Sketches of Perthshire
New Statistical Account
Fullarton's Gazetteer
129 Dr. Graham in his sketches of Perthshire states in describing the scenery of Loch Ard, "that the first opening of the lower lake from the east is uncommonly picturesque & this spot in ancient times formed the barrier between the low country and the almost inaccessible tract that lies to the westward. It is called the Pass of Aberfoil. Previous to the formation of the road which now stretches along the banks of the lake, a few men stationed in this pass, could have repulsed an army in attempting to advance further into the Highlands: In the time of the commonwealth, a party of Cromwell's Army, attempting to penetrate into the upper country by this pass, was repulsed with considerable loss, by the natives headed by the Earl of Glencairn, and Graham of Duchray."

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"Under the rocky precipice on the north, and the
rocky ledges lining Loch Ard, lies the Pass of Aberfoil
noted in times gone by as the scene of the defeat of
a party of Cromwell's troops by Graham of Duchray
and his Highlanders, & still more so, in our day, by
the writings of the Author of Rob Roy."
Anderson's Guide.

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