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Craigna Vernon
Craigna Vernon
Creag nam Faireadhnan and Creag nam Fairnean
Mr. Alexander Donald
Alexander Keir Daldanet
Robert McArthur
Revd. [Reverend] A.F. Stewart so given to him by 3 of the oldest men in the locality
129 A small rocky hill on the lands of Runagour.
Faire the plural of which is Fairenean or Faireadh means watching - hence this hill may have been used as a species of Watchtower or look-out.
Kirkton Hill
Kirkton Hill
Robert McArthur
Mr. Alexander McDonald
Alexander Keir
129 A small hill on the farm of Kirkton The property of the Duke of Montrose.
BAD AN T-SASUNNAICH Bad an t Shassonich
Bad an t Shasunaich
Bad an t Shassunaich
Dr. [Doctor] Graham's Sketches of Perthshire,
Rev. [Reverend] A. F. Stewart Ph. Minr. [Parish Minister]
Duncan Ferguson Millton
129 A little to the westward of the Inn one of Duchray's followers shot one of the Englishmen from the opposite side of the river, who fell hear a clump of trees by the road side which is called to this day "Bad an t'Shassonich", or, The Englishman's Clump.
Dr. [Doctor] Graham

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[Note alongside Craigna Vernon:]
Recd. [received] from [Donald] JB

[Note under Bad an t-Sasunnaich:]
(correct genitive)
JB Lt. Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

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