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Duplin or Dupplin a parish in Perthshire united in 1618 to that of Aberdalgie. This was the scene
of an engagement between Edward Baliol and the Earl of Marr on the 12th or as some say the 18th of August
1332. Baliol having landed near Kinghorn and routed the the troops under the Earl of Fife who opposed
his landing marched northward and encamped on the Millar's Acre at Forteviot. The Earl of
Mar heard at Perth.
That all there fays Cummyn ware
To Fortewyot and thain thare
Had lwgyd in a lytil plas
The Mylmary's Akre it Callyd was
And then sayis bath hors and man
In that aKyre war lwgyd than. Wyntour B. VIII C.26 V 67
The Earl of Marr was encamped with a numerous army on a rising ground on the opposite side of the
river near to Dupplin. The Contemptible appearance of Baliols forces confined within such narrow
bounds proved a snare to the royal army who laughed at the idea of danger from a mere handful
of enemies. Total carelessness was the natural consequence and ere day dawned the English had
crossed the river and attacking an army that had abandoned itself to intemperance easily put it to a com
-plete route. Some monuments of antiquity appear in the neighbourhood but whether they have been
erected as memorials of this disastrous battle or claim an earlier era is uncertain. There is a stone
cross quite entire a good way up the acclivity on the opposite bank of the Earn almost straight north
from the ford by which Baliol's army passed the river and another on the south of Forteviot
upon a rising ground called Dronachy lying broken over at the pedestal on which are many

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