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Supposed Site of the BATTLE OF DUPPLIN (1332) Supposed Site of the Battle of Dupplin 1332
Supposed Site of the Battle of Dupplin 1332
Mr Lorimer. Factor Aberdalgie House
Andrew Oswald Dupplin
109 [Situation] Partly in S W [South West] corner of this and in the northern portion of Forteviot ph [parish]
This place is generally believed to be the site of the Battle of Dupplin. All the old inhabitants speak of the park in which the Stone cross stands as the field in which the battle was fought or at least where the attack was first made by Baliols army. but on Stobbies map of Perthshire surveyed about the year 1800 the site is shewn immediately on the east side of the Cross park. which shews that at least 60 years ago the site was pointed out much about the same as at present. but on close enquiry nothing can be elicited as to whether the belief is derived from tradition or otherwise. It would appear that it is a conjecture or supposition on account that it is opposite the part of the river that is fordable and where Baliols army must have crossed from Forteviot side. and it is the ground most likely on which the scottish army would ly encamped as it the brow of a rising ground above the river, and expands northwards into a moderately level plain for a considerable distance.

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