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TRAQUAIR (Detached) Traquair (detached) Chalmer's "Caledonia"
Fullarton's Gazetteer
New Statist: Acct: [Statistical Account]
Old Statist: Acct: [Statistical Account]
"Origines Parochiales Scotiae"
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J. Blackwood Esqr. Peebles
J. Bathgate Esqr. Peebles
&c. &c.
013 ; 017 [Situation] In the eastern portion of the county of Peebles.
In the year 1674 the Ancient parish of Hope Kailzie was dismembered and the portion of it on the South Side of the Tweed was annexed to Traquair from which it is seperated by a narrow strip of the parish of Yarrow extending to the Tweed. It consists of two Estates, Kailzie and Cardrona, the former divided into five farms exclusive of the lawn and pleasure grounds attached to the Mansion House. The whole of the estate of Cardrona, with the exception of the Mansion house and garden is in the occupation of one tenant.
It is bounded on the North and part of the east by the Tweed which seperates it from the parishes of Peebles and Inverleithen; on the west by the parish of Peebles in the County
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Parish of Traquair (detached)

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