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GLENGABER BURN Glengaber Fingland Burn
Glengaber Burn
Glengaber or Fingland Burn
[Revd. [Reverend] Reverend James Campbell
Statist [Statistical] Acct. [Account] 1794
New Statist [Statistical] Acct. [Account]
018 [Situation] Has its source in Yarrow Parish above Glengaber & Hennel and discharges itself into the Quair at Traquair Mill.
A considerable tributary of the Quair and constitutes the boundary between the farms of Traquair Knowe and Damhead. -
Newhall Burn
Newhall Burn
[Revd] [Reverend] James Campbell
Thomson's Atlas (Peebles)
Pennecuiks description
018 [Situation] Separating the Parishes of Traquair and Yarrow about 200 Yards east of Traquair Church.
This Burn (which derives its name from a farm on its right bank) springs from the northern slope of the hills separating the valleys of the Tweed & Yarrow, and Constitutes the Boundary between the parishes of Yarrow & Traquair almost from the source of the main feeder to where it receives Shillinglaw or Curley Burn near Traquair Church, & about ¼ Mile above their united flow into the Quair. - Dr Pennicuik in one place calls it Kirkhouse Burn, from Kirkhouse situate on its left bank near its confluence with Quair.

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