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EAST HAPPREW East Happrew.
Easter Happrew
Easter Happrew
East Happrew
East Happrew
East Happrew
Mr Alexander Tenant.
Mr Howe Lynesmill.
Mr Graham Mildow Cottage
Johnston's Co. [County] Map.
Co. [County] Map 1775.
Valuation Roll.
012 [Situation] About ¾ of a mile N. [North] from Burnfoot.
A farm house with offices, garden and large farm attached, the property of Sir G.G. Montgomery Bart [Baronet] of Stanhope and tenanted by Mr Alexander.
RIVER TWEED River Tweed See Name Sheets for Sheet 13 No. 7 Ph. [Parish] of Peebles.
Site of TOWER [Easter Happrew] Site of Old Tower Mr Alexander Easter Happrew.
Mr Sanderson Easter Dalwick.
012 [Situation] About 4 Chains S.E. [South East] from..
This is said to be the place where a Tower was erected in Ancient times on the top of which fires were lighted in order to notify to Oliver Castle if an invading enemy were going towards it up the Tweed.

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